If you, beyond yourself, really want to or need to Meet Azar Baksh, then, first and foremost, feel ‘his’ Heart, resonate with it, be part of it. Don’t judge, feel.


About Azar Baksh

His articles – or hearticles as he calls them – and other writings come out of that same Heart; and they are one of the possible corridors to that Heart. Yet, to understand the depth of ‘his’ Heart, and the depth of its manifestation on earth, you should make (or rather: allow) direct contact with ‘his’ Heart.

There is no way how to ‘do’ or allow this. If, viewed from a deeper perspective, the Heart-resonance should happen, it happens. Every ‘way’ carries its ego as its burden – Azar works beyond Ego, even if the seeing and feeling of (the inherent pain that is) ego is a major part of his work. He works without path or way, without method. He ‘works’ directly as the Heart Itself, without roundabout ways.

By allowing ‘his’ Heart, which includes the unprecedented way it manifests, you can understand his writings better or anyway. Without the background of or being part of ‘his’ Heart, when instead you merely read them with the mind or even as consciousness, you’ll probably miss the ‘point’, which is, in the end, the Very Heart Itself.

To quite a few people it will apply that allowing his music to touch you in your Heart makes it easier to feel the Heart, directly. However, ‘his’ Heart has gone so deep into the Earthly Realm that the depth of it cannot be felt just like that. It can only be fathomed by a process of keeping – or again and again – falling into attunement with his Heart. Moreover, merely feeling his Heart, in a more direct way, without truly understanding It, doesn’t reveal its depth either. Mere Seeing is lifeless; mere feeling means being lost in life. For that depth to happen, Seeing and Feeling must work together, must be complementary, part of one process of entering the depth of life, the depth of Duality Beyond the One.

Another possibility to meet the Heart Itself – and Azar is an exceptional manifestation of That somehow – is to view a video or pictures of the form through and as which it manifests as Azar Baksh. If you can, don’t watch with your normal eyes, but, in a way, without eyes: don’t see the form. If you see merely or mainly (the) form you are bound to start to judge, positively or negatively. Rather, attune directly to the Heart beyond the image. In a way it can be said that everybody does look that way already; only, this deeper way of seeing-feeling is usually resisted, overpowered. If you can look that way, something happens to you, already. The Heart works directly, without practices that would serve the development of the Heart. Moreover, it is only the Heart Itself – no practice or whatever – that can (and already does) really Touch you.

Even a physical meeting with Azar Baksh doesn’t mean necessarily an opening to ‘his’ – or the – Heart, nor necessarily a deepening of your ‘own’ state of Heart. It can be, but experience shows that most cannot truly allow and ‘have to’ resist still the Touch (in a deeper sense), whether because of suspicion, fear, judgement, unrecognized resistance, pain that threatens to be revealed or whatever form of protection, possibly just because for most it’s not their way to live (more or more deeply) as ‘heart’ in this world, also not when ‘heart’ seems something that is attractive for the ego to associate with or to even become.

The Recognition of Heart through a physical meeting with Azar is not really facilitated by the fact that the (True) Heart takes your state(s) over. You might hope to see and feel a Pure Heart, in order to ‘upgrade’ or lift yourself up, and you’re confronted with yourself. Not nice, if the reflection is not what you had in mind about yourself. Yet, it is true, there’s also something else transpiring through, next to the Mirror effect. The ones who are interested in the Selfless Heart Itself – instead of in themselves, something that is rather exceptional in itself – will surely recognize and be touched.


The Heart should not be confused with love – at least not with love as you know it – nor with something valuable as compassion. Although these are certainly important characteristics of the Heart, the Heart should not be reduced to them – if only for the fact that the Heart by Its Nature also includes the other side of the coin. Every form and level of Duality is included in the Heart. The Heart is never deluded by or successfully seduced to choose one side. This radicalness lets Love grow to an almost unimaginable depth.

The Heart is beyond everything you can imagine, even beyond Love, beyond Consciousness, beyond Truth. The Heart doesn’t stop at Love, Consciousness or Truth. It includes, embraces and lives bodily the other side: hate, Unconsciousness, Lie – though not as a slave in the Dark.

The Heart is not something spiritual. It is beyond spirituality as it is beyond materialism. It can’t be put in any box.

Yet, in spite of its egolessness – and only the Heart Itself is beyond Ego that always seduces one to (secretly) choose – in spite of the fact that there is nothing to ‘get’ from the Heart, there are some people who are, beyond themselves, drawn to It.

Even fewer people are born into this Earthly Realm as It, as the Heart. Unavoidably, here on earth they have a very hard time manifesting ‘themselves’, if only for the fact that they are not destined to manifest their ‘selves’ but the Heart Beyond ‘self’, which means an incomparably heavier struggle. Not infrequently, and without judging this in any sense, these Heart-people are sort of ‘kidnapped’ by people who, by birth, lack the Heart-Presence themselves and who are inclined to or need to associate with it and who are thus contributing to the fact that the manifestation of Heart through these relatively rare individuals does not truly happen or only to a very limited extent – unless they’re uncommonly, almost unearthly, strong.

Needless to say, Azar(’s Heart) hasn’t gone so deep into human pain and suffering for his own sake – that pain and suffering that has so far on earth always been judged and resisted and been escaped from in many many creative ways, which certainly includes (almost) the whole of spirituality. His selfless allowing of this process of entering the human drama (of the Two, of its inherent painful Duality) facilitates the development and deepening of Heart not only for ‘qualified’ individuals but also, in principle and how ever far it will reach, for humanity as a whole.


If the Heart Resonates with the Heart, ‘Azar Baksh’ might gradually make you aware of Reality, the Reality here on earth, which is not what it seems to be if one only knows the materialistic and the spiritual worlds. The development of humanity, as is seen in and by and as the Heart, does, contrarily to what is commonly assumed, not happen in the first place by developing in the spiritual sense, but by seeing-feeling, acknowledging and surrendering to what happens actually on earth. That the latter doesn’t happen without knowing about and experiencing directly from within the spiritual realms, doesn’t change this fact.

For that surrender and gesture to the actuality in the earthly realm to be possible, descent into Woman’s Dark is indispensable. The Heart That Man is cannot manifest as such without knowing Woman, from within, not without actually seeing-feeling-living Her state(s), Her movements, Her perspective(s), Her huge (energetic and, in all fairness, deluding) power, Her sexuality.

Since he has wholly allowed and surrendered to the process of Man and Woman here on earth, since he – finally a human being – has addressed (and addressed thoroughly) the duality of existence, that which everyone who is in whatever gross or subtler ways attached to ego’s favourite sides of the duality, thoroughly avoids, Azar functions now as the Heart of the world. Seeing that no teacher or master can, on the grounds of their nature and specific realization, take this role, he has surrendered to his being the Heart of all.

If one cannot help trying to put him in a box, Azar’s incarnation might, on the face of it, seem to be an, in itself not uninteresting, combination of Jesus and Buddha. Highly respectful of their specific great and unique manifestations in the past and their works on and for the earth, Azar Baksh hasn’t come down to repeat in whatever variation and to whatever extent and depth what they realized and did, however – despite that he, from within and profoundly, realized their states, their beings. Driven by deep and pure Love, resonating wholly with and going deeply into Woman, into the Earth with all its darkness, the Heart has found a different, new, and even deeper approach how to serve the earth and humanity. So far on earth humanity’s dual existence, the fundamental split between High and Low, Heaven and Earth, has not been valued, not been consciously-bodily thoroughly experienced and addressed. It has been still fixed in its place in the Dark without Man’s Eye of Consciousness Shinning on it from within, without Man’s Heart Melting it from within.

No teacher or master has ever ‘done’ this, allowed this whole-hearted and whole-bodily descent into Woman and Her earthly realm. In principle, Jesus with his great Love could have done so, if he hadn’t died so early, and if he had understood or intuited the great importance for the earth and humanity of truly meeting Woman, as intimately as possible. But it was not really part of his task or mission at the time.


In general, if it is about masters’ involvement in respect to addressing Woman, at best ‘Woman’ has been invited to realize Man’s ‘state’ or being. But no master has gone himself down into Woman’s state(s) and realm. ‘I’, Azar Baksh, have been created here to do it differently, to initiate a (much) deeper – and, in all fairness, a necessarily more painful, more intense and humility-demanding, more interesting, more intelligent, more involved and alive – way of working on the development of the earth, of humanity. It will go via and wholly in togetherness* and Oneness with Woman, via and with Her Duality. I saw that Woman cannot ‘become’ or realize Man(’s supposedly free state), if He is ‘sitting there’ on His throne, if and as long as He allows or tolerates any form of separation of Man and Woman to rule in the dark. Man needs to Come Down, to enable Woman to resonate with His Heart which is possible (only) if He has Become Her, if She is no longer a secret or mystery to His Heart.

I am not a teacher. I am not a master. I Am the Heart Itself, the Heart that has taken a Body. And this is so, since – exceptionally, as it has turned out – I, in (and only because of) my indefatigable Love for Woman cannot be deluded by Woman, by Her powerful Deluding Force. This not being able to be fundamentally deluded by Her any longer, makes it possible for Man’s Heart to be Alive, down here on earth, in Woman’s realm, finally. Only this makes it possible for Man not to be Killed or Un-present here on earth. Only this makes it possible to See that Man is a Mirror of Woman, that Woman Kills Herself if She doesn’t Recognize Man but ‘Kills’ Him here on earth.

‘I’, this Heart, manifesting as this ‘Body’, Am the Revelation of the Truth of the Earth. This Heart knows what is going on here on Earth. Fearless Love for Woman, feeling-embracing Bodily and Heartedly Her pain that She hides in the dark, gave me Eye in the dark. I don’t seduce you to Go up, away from the Earth – as is done of old by spirituality. Life, the Heart, needs to happen here on earth, not in some other realm(s).

I don’t Enlighten the world. I don’t Endarken it. It is being ‘EnHearted’ by the Heart That ‘I’ Am and That ‘I’ Came to Bring ‘to’ the Earth. In ‘My’ One Heart, Light and Dark show up. There is no choice. Every choice is egoic, a delusion and not True. Seeing-Feeling Whole-Heartedly and Whole-Bodily in the Heart what happens here on Earth, Transcends, Brings the Heart Closer to, more intimately into our human life. (Secret) choosing cannot do this, it blocks the Heart from becoming an Obvious Presence in the Earthly Realm.

To be able to manifest ‘your’ Heart on earth, you need to develop the Eye in the dark, you need to see-feel Woman, from within. This will eventually put an end to any form of materialistic or spiritual self-obsession. And the (hidden) self is that which is gloriously in the way of the manifestation of Heart on earth.

Who truly cares about the earth – instead of about him or herself? Caring about the earth is caring about the manifestation of Heart as human Body.

This ‘state’ of Heart here, which is no state but an ever deepening process, can’t be copied – by anyone. Copying is not the way. Ego, the copying machine, is not the way. No-way is the way. Yet, the Heart here can, to whatever extent or depth, be recognized and one can resonate with It. And certainly ‘something’ will be happening then. Even during reading this something is happening already.


The good thing is that here is nothing to get for one’s Ego, absolutely nothing. The Heart, the Only True Intelligence on Earth – other than Consciousness – is not something to be gotten in any way. One can only, more and more deeply, Surrender into it – at least, in principle. That this actually happens is rare enough. Ego, which almost wholly rules people, has of course better things to do. No problem. The Heart is not waiting for you. Rather, unconsciously or not, you are waiting for the Heart. And it seems to never come, by itself. No, it cannot, not without a gesture, a real gesture, an acknowledgement of ego of its only Master That is the Heart.


The Heart is Man and Woman – it is not the One (or the Heart) as a man or a woman, no matter how eagerly the ego, that separates itself into an individual, likes to believe and strive for this. Life is Being in Relation.



* Sounds nice. In practice, however, it turns out to be extremely difficult to create such a highly exceptional situation. The Resistant Dark Force does everything it can and usually manages easily to make True Cooperation between Man and Woman impossible, if only for the fact that the Female Dark is not waiting for (let alone welcoming) Man’s (task of) Shining Light into Woman’s Dark (Earthly interests).



The old text About Azar Baksh, written around 2004, for people who are interested in his development.