We present a selection of Azar's articles/pieces/essays. They will be also published later in the form of a book but, living in the moment, some remarkable articles we like to present now already, not waiting till final publication.

"Article" included in Book IV:
Man Transcends the Pain of the Earth via (Creating) His Woman

On request of the Dutch magazine InZicht Azar wrote an article about art - in Dutch - and that was, totally edited, published in it in May 2007:
Ware kunst en ego-art
English translation : True art and ego-art

"Articles" included in Book V:
I Love You, I Cry You
My Declaration to Woman
Fed up with the mind
Truth, Only You, Only You, Only You...
You don't Love anyone, you Love the Egoless in someone
Body is Consciousness
What am I Doing here on earth?
Notes of individual retreat
'Your' body stores 'your' craziness
The struggle with - or as - the Ego>
Woman, My Pain, Be Me, You Are Me

Enlightenment, a side-effect of serious selfless Vipassana practicing

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book VI:
Consciousness Goes into the Flesh
Realizing Oneness and Living Duality
Me and Woman
Seeing and Pain
'I' Am the Manifested Heart Woman is Waiting for
You Need a Broken Heart
Stop breathing

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book VII:
The Last Kick Love Needed
Woman it's about Your Body Which is not yours
Woman and the manipulative story-telling Man
My Crime
You Ask Me To Cry Your Pain
Leaving - Fear of Pain
A serious article on spiri-shit
Spiri, why did you sell yourself
Realizers of Truth, of Consciousness?

Oh Lord

Seduced by Oneness...
Spirituality and craziness - A study to find the difference

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book VIII:
Therapy and the Heart
Man's Final Ordeal is with Woman('s Dark)
Woman's attractive state of no-resistance
Think independently
Love note to man
The mind-fucking man
The Form, Pain and the Heart
The Whore
Two ways of feeling, Male and Female
The Fight with Unconsciousness
Man and Woman. A short overview

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book IX:
Man Speaks to Woman
The Heart
States - State-masters and Process-masters

Azar wrote two Hearticles on a very important theme that is, none the less, nowhere addressed: Woman's rejection of Man. Together they give a good and deep overview on the subject. (Also a short piece of Azar's Book IV on the same subject is added at the back). For everyone who is really interested in Man and Woman or in tantra. (See also chapter 46 Woman's (Divine) Function is to Reject Man-form(s) of Azar Baksh' book Man & Woman.)
Woman Rejecting Man - Man's defence / Man Takes Woman's Rejection

The 8th Stage
The crime called nuclear energy

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book X:
A Matter of Recognition, beyond choice
(Only) the Divine Man can Create the Divine Woman
Woman's Ego and the Presence of Man
Woman Comes, Cuts and Goes
The Incredible Realization in the Process of Man and Woman
Satsang, why not?

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book XI:
Contemporary satsangs in the lineage or sphere of Ramana Maharshi
Man and Woman and Power and the 'Return' to Our Deeper Nature - The Three Stages of Woman in Her Relation to Man
Man's Ego
In Love with Jesus
Man and Woman, Beyond themselves, Reject the Ego in Each Other
What spiritual teachers do not See or Live. An overview
The process of Man and Woman: a short overview
Living Negativity and the Judge
30 years after Chernobyl
The Heart and the medical club
Man and softness
Man and Conscious Feeling
The lack of Presence of Man and the role of Woman in this respect

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book XII:
Woman's Natural Resistance to Man's Heart
Lying about sex
Woman Develops Herself
The Harveys
An extreme example of Woman's dedication to men who refuse to manifest the Man in themselves
The Emancipation of the Body and the Abuse of the Heart
Feministic oriented campaigns
Trump 'and' Pain
Capitalism - a few stories and facts
Buddhism in crisis
When man approaches woman through sexuality
Climate change

Prepublished "Articles" to be included in Book XIII:
Is there still something to say between Man and Woman?
Capitalism again. Oh no...
G5 and its radiating HF-colleagues
G5 G5 G5
Unnaturalness causes harm NEW
Open letter to Elon Musk NEWER
5G and other wireless information affect our spirituality NEWEST

One more chapter from "Man and Woman":
Man Surrenders to (an 'other') Man