Azar has written a lengthy autobiography that covers the period from his childhood until the age of 40 when he met Satlova and the process of Man and Woman much deepened. Yet the whole period before that is certainly very interesting to read as well. Without it the process of Man and Woman in Depth how it developed later could not happen. We divided the autobiography in segments, next to that smaller pieces have been selected which are considered especially interesting. In the course of time more and more pieces will be published just until the whole book will be available.

Prepublished sections and chapters from "Autobiography":

Selected chapters

An introduction to the Spiritual Autobiography of Azar Baksh

Foreword to the autobiography of Azar Baksh

Prefatory notes

First Section

Second Section

Third Section
The Legs of the Universe
Pandora - the Natural refusal to having sex: the Body is not a form NEW
Approaching the girl - meeting Maja; Maja's resistance - the first Touch of Woman's Duality NEWER

Fourth Section

Fifth Section

Traineeship at the Ministry of Development Aid - the natural power of long hair
The deeper meaning and background of the breakdown

Sixth Section

From yet unpublished Sections
Maja and I meet again: heaven is nothing without the earth
The Separating Force becomes active through Maja
The Rejection and the Initiation into the Flesh NEWEST

Discovering Man
"Then you don't breathe"
Beating the hand on the table
The end of the relationship
The actual end
Aggression and Meditation
The Syrup; De-problematization
The Fall
Allowing physical-energetic movements/animals
The Forest Event
The Process of Consciousness and Unconsciousness becoming One
The Union with the Divine Woman