Azar Baksh wrote 4 Dutch books and 9 English books - Flashes of Consciousness: vol. I - The Smell of Truth, vol. II - The burden that you are, vol. III - The whole damned thing. Vol. IV - Karmic farts stink - But are not to be judged, just smelt (without adding artificial scents), V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX are to appear yet. 'He' doesn't write a long, refined logical argument in order to convince people that Truth is Truth. As if you are sitting in front of 'him' 'he' talks to you, Seeing and Responding to what your black spots are, your un-enlightened darkness, your painful unconsciousness, your prison of attachments and repulsions. Sometimes this results in short items of just one or a few lines, sometimes in longer ones of one or a few pages. The Dutch and the first 3 English books can be viewed (and downloaded) in their entirety. See below.

Azar Baksh:

"These books are not meant in the first place and even not at all to perfectize or elaborate your 'nice' or chaotic thinking-system of how the world, subtle or gross, functions beyond the superficial or apparent. It is not meant to give you any information about Truth that you can analyze, think about, you can agree with or not agree.
It is the Truth. (Not because of the content or the way of explaining but because of) the Stream of Consciousness in (and as) Which they are written is the Truth. The thing to 'do', or in fact to Let Happen, is to (Allow yourself to) Flow in this Stream of Consciousness, to not resist this Truth Beyond the words, the Freedom you can taste behind them (if you are Open for That).
Or, of course, feel, honestly, your resistance, if it is there, your trying to figure out if this all is something for you or not or which parts do touch you and which do not. Everything Touches you, if you Allow, and It is all about this Touching. It is not about finding out the Truth together, having a gregarious discussion about it. These Azar Baksh books do not contribute (a little piece) to a whole existing Body of Wisdom (that we would build up together). It is Wisdom Itself - Beyond content. It is the Unspeakable Truth Itself, It is Consciousness - in this case, words are the means by accident. Who cares about the means?
If, sooner or later, you don't Sacrifice yourself in this Stream of Consciousness (whether or not also by using these books for It) you simply cannot Realize Truth. Yur Truth is the (General or One) Truth. And Your Truth is only to be Found in this Stream of Consciousness Lived and 'Given by' the (True) Non-egoic Realizers, Who are (already and totally) Sacrificed.
Read Beyond the words, Beyond true or not, nice or painful, boring or interesting.
Read Truth. Don't mind the words. Smell It. Smell Truth."

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Here are the Dutch Books (written October 2002 - September 2003):

Confronterende Wijsheid Part 1
Confronterende Wijsheid Part 2
Confronterende Wijsheid Part 3
Confronterende Wijsheid Part 4

Translated excerpt from the Dutch "Confronting Wisdom" Book of Azar Baksh
"Confronterende Wijsheid"

What you did till so far in your life was relatively easy - however hard and heavy and difficult it might have been.
But, to give up yourself, ll your ideas about yourself, all your (conditioned) tendencies, everything that is dear to you, that you value, to be willing to offer this up every moment, that's already more difficult. Are you, for example, willing to sacrifice your beloved partner (if you have one) on the altar of Love, if Truth is demanding/asking this of you. Are you willing to sacrifice your parents, even your children. Do you dare to sacrifice peace for Peace. And love for Love. And truth for Truth. Are you willing and ready to sacrifice all the personal (you) to and in the Impersonal? Are you willing to no longer listen to your supposed self and to others, but 'something different', something vague, impalpable, incomprehensible? Are you willing to live without any pleasures if this would be asked of you (by Truth)? Are you willing to suffer pain if that's the Truth - while joy, delight is waiting for you, you only have to blink your eyes to welcome it and to enjoy the most delicious pleasures?...
You see, I have to test you before you come, for in My Country (the Land of Truth) compromises don't exist, there's no lingering, no doubt that's being taken seriously. You won't feel at home if you come too early, unprepared, too unconscious. Out of Uneasiness, out of unwanted pain, you will start commotion (unrest), try to defile, pollute Truth - because unconsciously you'll think that this is possible, for you also feel defiled, soiled yourself. Out of revenge and ignorance you'll try to dirt the seemingly easiest prey with your impurity: that is the Pure Blank Truth.
Out of Compassion and not out of fear I tell you that - because you cannot dirt Pure Truth - these secret (sneaking) attempts will return, will have repercussion(s) on yourself and you only make it worse for yourself. You, in this unconscious attempt to dirt Truth, will have to live through more and more pain (even) to in the end return to your Innocence, to what you Long for the very most (and even Only).
So, just See your tendencies, again and again, to manipulate Truth, to distort It, also if it is (or seems) just a little tiny bit - every unconscious little tiny bit keeps you totally unfree, in the spell of yourself. See this manipulating on a small scale and, if you're Ready for that, on a large scale, in your whole life.

Flashes of Consciousness

Book I
The Smell of Truth
(written September 2003 - March 2004)

Book II
The burden that you are
(written March 2004 - September/(October) 2004)

Book III
The whole damned thing
(written September/(October) 2004 - March 2005)

Book IV
Karmic farts stink
But are not to be judged, just smelt (without adding artificial scents)

(written March 2005 - September 2005)

Book V
Spiritual Beasts NEW
(written October 2005 - March 2007)

Excerpt from the English Wisdom Book of Azar Baksh volume I
"The Smell of Truth"

Your perfect (or almost perfect) partner doesn't exist. Your soul-mate doesn't exist. Your one and only doesn't exist. Feel your actual situation. Feel beyond what you want to make believe yourself. That one is not here, not now and never will be. It is not. So start crying already. Be sad. Be frustrated, disillusioned. Only your Divine Partner Is. And is always with you. In (searching) a(nother) body you will never find It, your Final Marriage, your dissolving of duality, yur dissolving - also not in a subtler body than the physical you'll find It. Only the Whole 'Makes' you whole, Makes you Realize you are Whole. The Whole you will Meet, that is: Know (and Be), via your Divine Partner.
Your Divine Partner you can find (in principle) 'in' anyone of the Other Sex.* Attune to and See only the Divine in your (potential) partner(s). That means, be totally in Love with this person. Don't, thus, expect anything of that one. Love, True Love never expects anything. It just admires and is completely in Love with the one of the Other Sex, the representative of the Divine Other, the Otherness. You cannot figure out What this Other Is. You can only drink it till you're fully drunk, absorb it till you're totally filled, love it and love it till you are totally gone. Never place yourself above the Other (or better: see if you do this half-consciously). Always, if you take Truth, your True Heart, seriously, Bow for the Other. Whatever the pain, you'll be Full. In this Bowing you don't care anymore about pain. Who is there still to have pain? There's only Love.
In total (always Divine) Vulnerability you cannot but find your Divine Partner, you cannot be separated anymore, cannot else than be 'Healed', that is (in fact): cannot help Being (or Realizing You are) the Whole.
But, this is not your actual, factual state right now. Feel now, now, now, how you are, how you feel, all the time. Where is your Beloved. Whether or not you 'have' a partner - your Beloved is not here. How does this feel - beyond all your thinking about Him/Her, beyond all your longing and hoping and consoling and denying and moderating? You can't moderate, pacify your Heart. Can you? Cry about your Beloved... and Find your Wholeness.
(Conscious) crying Dissolves the (Unconscious Aspect of) Duality, De-problematises the Inherent Fight between the Male and the Female. It Melts the hard illusion of separation in the Heart.
* This doesn't mean at all that you could have a relationship or Grow with just anyone of the Other Sex. You cannot, certainly not as woman.

Azar Baksh wrote 2 autobiographic novel-like books in Dutch (under his birth name):

Suzanne (1995 - published 1999) - 10 euro
Testament van een individu (1993 - published 2005) - 17.50 euro
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