Be conscious if you watch the photos. Watch your judgements. Be aware of feelings, of attraction and repulsion, sympathy and antipathy, or whatever. Feel. You 'have to' (or in Fact, Beyond yourself, Want to) Live fully every second, and certainly while watching pictures. These pictures have got everything to do with you. You're always looking, seeing, feeling if something resonates with your Heart. Right and wrong don't exist. It's all a matter of energetic resonance. Pictures radiate a certain energy, or in Fact, Beyond, a certain Consciousness. Feel.

Showing pictures of one'self' is not, in itself, a form of self-obsession - just like for example publishing a book that you wrote is not, in itself, self-obsession. It is never just a form you're looking at when looking at a picture of anyone (or even anything). It is not (at all) about the form. The Being or State of Realization Shines through. Even if one doesn't have the Conscious Eye (yet) to Recognize this and to Distinguish, one sees it Intuitively - and will always, even if unnoticed, have some response. In case of pictures of 'me', (quite) some will be - next to maybe attracted - repulsed in whatever form, afraid, as somewhere you feel here is no compromise (possible). In 'my' Presence Your Truth will Show up (sooner or later) and (far) most are not waiting for That, even if they, cowardly, pay lip-service to It.
Paradoxically or not, 'my' Being Love-Consciousness Shines through even if, true, I'm a total Reflection of you, your state of the moment (when I meet you or attune to you and even in general). 'I' am a strange but True 'Mixture' (or Merging) of you(r karma) and Your Being Beyond (but including your forms, karma, painfulness of your unManifested (Pain and thus) Being).
Showing these pictures I Show You-you. It's just one of the forms - however not powerless - that I use in being your conscious Mirror, in Allowing you to See-Feel, not because 'I' would want that - there's absolutely nothing I want - but because you 'Want' That, just until everything is Totally Clear.
Pictures are no form - even though a lot, most in fact, of the Power or State Beyond the form 'disappears' in it, can't be seen any more. Anyway, showing pictures is not about 'me' - whatever that 'me' would be. It's about the Force of Truth Itself. It's not about showing 'me' but Something. I (Need to) Respond to Your Longing to be Touched - Beyond yourself.
Not giving myself completely would be a form of self-obsession. I'm not self-obsessed. I Love you, that's Something Else, that's why I show these pictures. In case Ego sees its own self-obsession reflected, so be it.

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Picture from 29.08.'08
I will give Man to Woman and nothing else

Pictures from 06.06.'16-06.10'17
Azar and Satlova with their son Mango

Picture from 16.06.'17

Pictures from 18-19.08.'16
Azar during birth process of his son.

Pictures from 12.02.'16 to 05.05.'16
Viewed from a deeper perspective it can be said that a man 'should' Allow Woman to be(come) Man on Earth. The Man is not lost thus.
The Art for a man is to Allow Woman in his Heart without being 'killed'.
Every now and then this Heart-Force manifests more obviously in the midst of the usual resistance to the Heart.

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