Prefatory note:

This webpage is here in the air in the first place (however not exclusively) for those very few people whose Heart Recognizes Truth here, certainly not to attract hundreds or even tens of people.
This is so for the Pure, Non-Compromisable Truth is realized by me - Beyond (and Which doesn't have) any attractiveness. There's nothing to get here. I don't support your egoic search in any way.
It is just a fact that not many people on earth are Truly Ready (to Surrender, to truly Live Consciously, Open-Heartedly through the pain of human existence, not able to want anything for themselves anymore); so, why try to make it so, why try to attract people? For what? For whom? You cannot manipulate Truth in any way, not quicken any process, nothing. Truth Is. It is Recognized by very few.
I am (just) available, for all of you, but only very few of you will See, Feel this, Recognize the True Gift (That is Non-separate Consciousness).
Furthermore it needs to be said that you'll have to get profoundly frustrated in your egoic search. If then, still, the Selfless Attraction, the Love for Truth, stands fiercely in the midst of this frustration, then you might Come...

One who wants to use any (part of a) text of this Web-page must Understand that all I say or write has been actually Felt-Lived Through which is very rare somehow on this earth (for painful). It is not some new or old Spiritual teaching or path. (Part of) texts apart from the Lived-Through context in and as which I speak and write will cause fights, trouble, if used by people who (take it for true but) didn't live (totally) through the Truth of it and cannot distinct their own mind-world from the Real World. Truth will always be misused by Unconsciousness, by the huge Separative Egoic Force, but don't do it in my name. Anyway I don't give any authorization to have or start discussions, fights with my texts, later possibly even manifesting in (physical) wars. I am Here in the first place for the few ones who are Ready for Me, for Truth.

You are invited to respond, give your reactions, your honest feedback. For I don't want to be (and am not) in some cocoon of Truth, shooting Truth to people. Truth is a Living Organism, not a dead teaching. It is the Touch where Consciousness and Unconsciousness Meet (and That is Life).

If capitals are used in the books in reference to this organism of Consciousness called Azar Baksh (or inverted commas here on the Web-page(s)), this stems (only) from the fact that in or as the True Heart-Realizer there is no person anymore in the normal sense. His life is One Continuous Impersonal Meditation, an Open Heart-Feeling or -Investigation and Transcendence of unconscious suffering or contraction. There is no person wanting anything in order to fulfil supposed needs of an illusory person. There is just the (necessarily Impersonal) Heart. The use of capitals (or inverted commas) has got nothing to do with some magnifying of (an) ego. It is, on the contrary, being done to make (necessary) Distinction between Ego and Egoless - which (Distinction, Clarity) ego in fact doesn't like.