Poetic Texts

This page stems from my Open-Hearted Feeling of the state of the world, of people - what's the difference - more artistically put in words, or poetically, if you want, than in my normal writings and I use my Pain-Feeling capacity that many seem to deny in themselves (and even in others), to Reflect. Sometimes a piece is inspired by one particular human exemplar - although I see the same 'particularity' in everyone - sometimes by more than one, sometimes by the whole humanity.
Some pieces I might put later, maybe modified, on music.

Poetic Texts in English:

As you forget to Die
Forgetting to fail
I told you I'm a Lover
So you sent Me to the many
We're not Truly through
The Revenge of Love
Wounded, lost
Poem for Satlova
Feel free
Like anyone
Stuck at the station
Screwing Up
Lost Scream from out of the Silence
Doomed to Love
Growing older
The Old Morass-Pulling Game
The Fight
The Fool and the Rules
Lonely Queen
Oh Mirror
I gave my Heart
Why did you become so very ugly
The Cradle
Only My Tear
Miss Ego
Soft body, iron heart
The City
The Holy Whore
Back to the Many
The Betrayal

Poems in Dutch:

De archeoloog
De Schreeuw
Lekker zwemmen
Het geheel
Het eenzame lied
Eens zijn
Dat kan NEW