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Invitation to join the inner joy of working for the Heart


Samyama Foundation functions to advance the Remembrance, the Seeing and Being of undefiled Truth, of egoless Consciousness, of Reality as It Is.
Samyama Foundation has no statues, no rules, no government, no members.
Officially it even doesn't exist. On the contrary, It Is. It is Life Itself.
Everybody is a member, more or less conscious.

If somehow, beyond the mind, your Heart Resonates with the Heart as Manifested in Azar Baksh - and in fact It always does, but are you aware of it - it is not impossible to contact Azar Baksh 'personally'. Some people's life (innerly) changed completely after being in touch with or meeting him.
If you give the Heart-Realizer your attention, your Love, by Itself, by Nature, he will Meditate you thoroughly.
Maybe needless to say but anyway; Azar Baksh cannot and does not want to help you to improve your life in whatever way. Being in his Presence will draw you (more and more) into the Profundity of Life, into the (Realization of the) Non-Manipulating and Non-Controlling Substance That Is Life, or Love.
"I Am here, Present, for all. However, only if you're serious about Love, about Truth, about Realization of Reality, about unconditional Consciousness, if (You Recognize True-Heartedly) This is more important than anything else, anything you can find or enjoy in this relative, conditional, 'normal' world, then It (in Which this Azar Baksh-'thing' has Dissolved) will 'Work' for you (through you and even as You).
I Know You are there. I'm Waiting for You. I've always Waited for You. Peacefully, without preference for your actual Coming. Do You Recognize Your Longing for Truth is bigger than your fear, your attachments to half-lies? Come... Come back in the Heart That Is Truth."

If you want to say, write something (personal) to Azar Baksh, please send e-mail to:

Samyama Foundation


Satsangs and Retreats


Azar Baksh

The Radical Truth of the Heart

In these meetings you have the opportunity to meditate with, listen to and share with Azar Baksh.
The Satsangs (meetings in Truth) and Retreats are not about getting anything for yourself, for your personal goals.
They are not about feeling nice, okay or peaceful, loving, full of energy or whatever. They are not meant to support in any way your (egoic) struggle with life, with yourself, nor your effort to get or be something different than now is, than you now are, nor your entire search for fulfilment. They are about Seeing, about Surrendering, about your resistance to this, about your illusions of separateness, about the Ultimate Truth.
Only Truth Is. Not you.
When You Realize you are Truth, You Are.

When you want to come to a retreat it's only natural that you experience at least some (and not totally explainable) Heart-Attraction beyond yourself to the teacher who is in fact no teacher, but rather a Living Heart. His Heart is the teaching. Body and mind are not, as usual, separate in Azar. By Allowing, Beyond yourself, Heart-Attraction to Azar the 'teaching' can Incorporate, become inseparable Part of You, of the Whole Body - without even thinking about things.
"I don't give 'normal' Satsangs in which I could try to show you something, guide you to your Being or other nice-sounding but self-obsessed attractions, as if You would exist without or apart from your environment, from all that you seem not to Be, your 'not-Being' - a hopeless enterprise in advance. Intelligence Knows this. No, Being One with You, I Guide you to 'My' Heart - which isn't mine - without any interest, by the way.
I don't have 'teachings' in fact. There's Only the Selfless, the Constant Feeling-Meditation of and Conscious Living the world.
The retreats are not really anonymous in the sense of just taking a chair or cushion, listening, some meditation, learning something and going home again. Everyone becomes part of the Meditation. It's not just because we work with small groups that I See-Feel you, Meditate you.
I'm not interested in attracting many or in attracting people anyway. Only in Natural Attraction. The Deeper this Natural Attraction, the Deeper I Meditate You."
There are no spiritual or other requirements needed to be able to come. Just a natural Open attitude (which is something else than an open mind). You are asked though, before coming first time to a retreat, and if you haven't done so yet, to write at least a little - or how much you feel like - about yourself (preferably included why you'd like to join and how you got in touch with Azar's work). A picture would also be welcome. Or whatever. All so that it's easier for Azar to Meditate you in advance.

"I'm no Guru. Nor any of your swear-words. I'm no word."