Satsang with Azar Baksh, February 4th, 2017 NEW

A next satsang video of Azar Baksh has become available. Azar at the end of his individual retreat, 4 February 2017.

Song in the background: "Alnafs" from the CD "Guruguru" by Azar Baksh.

Satsang with Azar Baksh, August 14th, 2016

Here is a next Satsang with Azar Baksh, recorded on August 14th 2016. If you look in the eyes 'too long' you might get some kind of consciousness-energetic shocks now and then - which is no problem, on the contrary. If you have the eye for it you can notice in the course of this video also the Woman Azar manifests next to the Man with the Seeing Eye.
The state of Woman-Man is possible - and even unavoidable if Man's non-separation from Woman is persistent, stable: Allowing Woman totally without losing or overruling the Man.

Satsang with Azar Baksh, July 31st, 2016

Here's a third satsang, from July 31st 2016. It starts with music of "Songs of Rumi" in the background. The effect of the light is a spontaneous effect occurring when the sun breaks through.

Satsang with Azar Baksh, August 11th, 2016

Here is a next, very recent, satsang video of Azar Baksh, with again silence. In the course of the satsang, the force in the Eye becomes stronger. It's not impossible you, your body, might feel some tendency to release some 'forms', as Azar calls them, forms that might have been stuck and hiding in the dark, in Unconsciousness. In the presence of the Eye they can feel triggered to show up and leave the body - since one of the two might be too much: Unconsciousness or Consciousness. Especially women can have this experience.

The Pain of humanity; Closing session from inner circle retreat with Azar Baksh, November 1st, 2015

Often Azar('s body) is quite exhausted after guiding a retreat and the retreat of end October 2015 was certainly no exception to this. If you become the retreatant(s) instead of merely teaching them things it is a heavy work to guide a retreat. When he looks up you can see in Azar's eyes that someone is 'in', someone who is a great transmitter of the human earthly pain. The transmission of pain to Azar's body had been abundant, indeed. Nevertheless, wounded or not, on the last day of the retreat he still gave a touching speech.

Open Satsang with Azar Baksh, July 20th, 2016

Quiet spontaneous satsang with no words.

Since the movie is relatively dark, we recommend to watch the video in the dark.

Open-Meditation Retreat session with Azar Baksh, 6-11-2011
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Meditating Woman's Natural Resistance to Man as Part of the Process leading to Reunion of Man and Woman

In a way it can be said that every form of 'Open Meditation' is about allowing 'Man' to Descend in Woman's Realm of the Earth - or: Allowing Consciousness to be inserted into the blanket of Unconsciousness hanging over the whole earth. The Open Meditation can take different forms. Here is one example of an Open Meditation with Azar Baksh and a small group of people. Part of every form of the Open Meditation - contrary to 'Egoic Meditation', in which one concentrates on something (whatever) that one likes to reinforce in oneself, is Addressing Woman's Natural Resistance to Allow Man into Her Earthly Realm. This is far from easy, to say the least. It's not for nothing that it's so difficult to find 'Man' here on Earth. Men get easily - or always - lost in Woman's Deluding world of forms. It's not unusual that the Resistance-Force - Needed for Man's Descent - Takes shape in or as especially one (or more) persons, for the moment, for a period, for a whole lifetime; so that the Constellation of Forces that is needed for the Process is Present in the Meditation setting. Also in this meditation this is the case - whether or not this is so obvious in the video as shown.
If 'Man' manages to Meditate through the Resistance He can bring Man and Woman Together, Allow Their Union to Take Place - the Union of Man and Woman That seems to be always the last 'thing' to Let Actually Happen and Be here on Earth.

Everyone who goes (in)to retreats knows they can be rather heavy - and this retreat was no exception to this. All the more fruitful they can be, however. Also not unusual for (our) retreats is that the process reaches a form of a climax towards the end of the retreat and some form of relief takes place. Letting ourselves be touched by the things we came across in the retreat hasn't left us the same.
If you're interested in Deeper Processes it is recommended to watch the whole video which takes about 2 hours and not to forward to the moment when the union takes place [at 48 minutes] by which you'd miss the for the Union necessary Meditation preceding it.
The Union of Woman with Man's Heart takes place via the Woman-form of Satlova. Although not obvious in this video she is used to bring over Woman's Natural Resistance to Man in her Heart-Body, to be able to finally Surrender it to Man's Heart. This is possible since - exceptionally as it is here on earth - she is basically not afraid of Man.

Azar Baksh close-up. The movie was recorded on the 25rd of July 2008.

Azar meditates Woman and, related, Man's position in this world that is Resisting Man so much. He's in the company of a woman - a lover at the time - who holds the camera from close-by, just in front of her face. The woman is Open and Resistant at the same time.
Azar: "Not only did (and do) I love her deeply, this combination and simultaneity of Openness and Resistance is also perfect to Work with in the Process of Man and Woman."

Azar Baksh - Hallelujah, September 25th, 2009

Not all spiritually minded people will like this song, this parody on spirituality, that was live recorded during a retreat in September 2009. But I think we must also be able to relativize the spiritual search and endeavour and have a good laugh about it now and then. Myself I have laughed really a lot about it.
By the way, if you'll listen to the song: 'spiri' is short for spiritual (and pronounced with 'e's instead of 'i's).

Azar Baksh meditating with his music in the background - Mazan Ze from Guruguru album. The movie was recorded on the 3rd of June 2008.

Azar Baksh - Let me Live, from his concert in Gent, Belgium on February 13th 2010.

Azar Baksh with cats on a Greek island Hydra, recorded by Satlova.
Cats cannot get enough of love.